What’s on at the ‘Wang’


Don’t Forget the Drummer – August 27, 8:30pm

Don’t Forget the Drummer has seen many different musicians during its 27 year History, Members of other Local bands such as Mad Rhino, Weekend Detention as well as many other professional muso’s have all done stints with Ric Bailey in Don’t Forget the Drummer. With a musical pedigree like this it’s no surprise that the band know how to crank out a Tune or two.

Sept 24, 8:30pm – Goodbye Monday

Goodbye Monday
Goodbye Monday are all about good times, audience interaction, and great music.

The band came together in 2016, after good friends jamming together had decided we’d like to do this professionally to share our passion with other people.

Lead vocalist Ann Marie has been singing for over 20 years in the genres Blues, Pop and Rock. She is a very passionate and energetic vocalist that loves to entertain her crowd.

Bass Guitarist Margie has years of on-stage experience and is the backbone of the band, always holding our music together
Lead Guitarist Jimmy’s passion shines through on stage, with his unique style, and gentle manner.

Rhythm Guitarist Tim has over 40 years experience, in country music and rock covers/originals and brings the band, diversity.

Drummer Todd, is a dynamic and diverse player with more energy than we can keep up with, and also has years of experience in the industry.

Bring these five friends together on stage, and you are guaranteed a night, full of great classic Rock and Energy.

There tunes will have you Rocking all night ,and for those who love a Dance,we,ll keep you on the Floor.

Goodbye Monday are available for weddings, private functions, pub/club venues.

We promise an exciting and entertaining night covering a vast range of songs from the 60’s to now. With the passions of the band members, our audiences will be ensured a very upbeat and memorable night for all.

Touch Crazy – Oct 15, 8:30pm

Touch Crazy - websize

A high energy rock covers show delivering all your rock favorites.

This bands focus on reproducing the authentic sounds of the songs it covers is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Blistering solo’s and harrowing vocals will draw you to the dance floor leaving you with a night to remember and screaming for more.

Bands covered include Bon Jovi, Guns’n’Roses, AC/DC, Blink 182, Powder Finger, just to name few.

Three Cornered Hat
Every Sunday afternoon at the ‘Wang