Wallerawang may now boast one of the smartest and most modernly appointed hotels in the provinces. This is the new Hotel Commercial, over the destinies of which Mr. M. Considine presides. The house, just completed at a cost of 3000 pounds, is one which would do credit to any community.

It has a fine commanding front, 70 feet in length, and is three-storied at the back. The culinary department is protected with modern fly-proof doors, while spacious cellars beneath afford room for various offices.

The interior is cheerfully finished, and the 22 bedrooms modernly appointed, as also are the parlors, dining-room, lounges etc. A fine balcony runs the length of the building.

Quote from the newspaper (1871)


The Commercial Hotel first opened its doors as The New Commercial Hotel in 1871 and some 43 years later received it first major overhaul, being rebuilt from 1914 – 1916.


Toady, the Commercial Hotel brings locals, sports fans, and diners together in a welcoming and friendly environment. It has a restaurant, entertainment and outdoor areas and is a great community pub.

Located on the Main Street of Wallerawang it is affectionately known as The Wang.